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Viewers want natural language voice-based entertainment search

In the areas of home and mobile entertainment, voice recognition technology is a useful, desirable and increasingly necessary feature. According to a 2015 Rovi-sponsored survey of pay-TV and over-the-top content subscribers across the U.S., Europe and Asia, 54 percent of respondents said they would either “definitely” or “probably” spend an additional $1.99 (USD) per month to access advanced voice command search features; this number jumped to 78 percent and 70 percent of respondents in India and China, respectively.


Voice search using free-flowing conversational dialogue

Fan TV Conversation lets consumers use their voices to search for digital entertainment across data spaces, including linear, VOD and OTT. It enables our customers to streamline entertainment discovery by providing a personalized conversational experience to users through language recognition and naturally spoken responses.


Context counts

Voice-based search must be smart enough to follow natural conversations and perceive differences in meaning. For example, what if a user is looking for Chicago – the band, not the film? Or, when a user says “play,” does he or she intend for a movie to begin streaming as in “Play Dr. No”? Or is the user asking a question requiring time-and-date information like “When do the Giants play?” By taking the content, user and situation into account, Fan TV Conversation helps ensure fast, highly accurate results and relevant guidance.


Built on the industry’s most robust entertainment Knowledge Graph engine

Fan TV Conversation is built on the Rovi Knowledge Graph engine, a dynamic knowledge base of entertainment metadata capable of understanding trends and conversations. Built on half a million R&D hours and updated continuously via data ingestion and news crawlers, the Knowledge Graph includes information produced and curated by hundreds of Rovi content editors, regional metadata, predictive search results, contextual details like location and time, and behavioral indicators from social networks.


  • Interpret voice commands and requests, and incorporate naturally spoken responses.
  • Help ensure accurate search results and recommendations through context-aware conversations. 
  • Understand ambiguous language and keep up when topics change or pronouns are used.
  • Customize responses to fit your business. (e.g., “Record to DVR,” “Add to queue,” “Turn on TV”)
  • Support natural dialogue and interaction with over 10,000 creatively constructed Smart Responses.
  • Benefit from Rovi’s Knowledge Graph, a true differentiator containing dynamic metadata on 100 million semantic entities and their connections. The Knowledge Graph yields highly accurate results, even when confronted with ambiguous, indirect terms.

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