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As time-shifted viewing becomes the norm, consumers increasingly need help navigating the seemingly endless expanse of digital content at their fingertips. Rovi Video enables consumer electronics manufacturers, service providers, retailers, online portals and application developers to help those consumers find and enjoy entertainment across platforms and devices.


Rovi Video provides metadata on 7 million TV shows, movies and sporting events, as well as descriptive information on theatrical, DVD and Blu-ray releases. Our catalog offers both deep and broad coverage, including rich media and unique enhancements designed to satisfy the most avid fans. Powered by the Rovi Knowledge Graph engine, the industry’s most robust dynamic entertainment metadata solution, Rovi Video is unique in its ability to determine the popularity of entertainment content and detect spikes in consumer interest — ideal for improving the relevance of search results and recommendations.

Growing through frequent updates, Rovi Video is available via FTP download or Web-based delivery, and supports 70 countries with localized metadata and a vast library of images. Whether you require local TV listings, links to OTT content or metadata to support VOD guides or entertainment websites, Rovi Video can help you differentiate your products, and drive consumption and sales.



  • Help consumers around the world discover, manage and enjoy digital video across multiple platforms and devices.
  • Offer information on programs airing within the next 14 days, including channel line-ups for interactive program guides.
  • With OTT links mapped to Rovi IDs, consumers can quickly find, buy and watch popular TV shows and movies online from leading retailers and streaming video on demand (SVOD) providers.
  • Incorporate searchable metadata – the deep, normalized descriptors on which search and recommendations systems rely – assigned by Rovi editors daily.
  • Support global needs with localized metadata, images and trailers from North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia in a single database.
  • Implement engaging features, including celebrity photos, Twitter feeds and Facebook pages.
  • Choose from FTP or Web-based delivery and leverage an industry-standard ID structure that facilitates implementation.
  • Effectively merchandise your content by organizing and prioritizing it based on popularity and buzz.
  • Benefit from the Rovi Knowledge Graph engine, a dynamic knowledge base of entertainment metadata that covers 100 million semantic entities and their connections.