Rovi Operator Insights

Gain value from return-path data.


Rovi Operator Insights

Operator Insights unlocks the value of return-path data (RPD) and provides a simple business intelligence portal that delivers actual viewership and usage details. Ready for immediate analysis and action in the portal, the RPD data can benefit an operator’s marketing, programming and operational initiatives.

Leveraging a data warehouse uniquely designed to handle TV viewership data, reference data and clickstream events, the solution is able to process and make sense of raw data from millions of set-top boxes, panels and third-party sources plus program, billing and CRM data to deliver actionable insights.



  • Access interactive dashboards and visualizations.
  • Reduce programming costs.
  • Get meaningful information out of raw data.
  • Gain actionable return-path data.
  • Improve carriage and bundling decisions.
  • Increase operational efficiency.

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