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Rovi Licensing

Innovation is at the core of everything we do at Rovi. For over 30 years, we’ve been at the forefront of our industry, inventing new technologies that have helped shape the digital entertainment landscape. 


With more than 5,000 issued and pending patents, Rovi has one of the world’s leading digital entertainment patent portfolios. 

The innovations our patents cover power key features and functionality that are at the core of digital entertainment experiences today. The Rovi patent portfolio includes important coverage in areas such as interactive program guides, DVRs, on-demand programming (VOD and OTT), multi-screen experiences, interactive video applications and more. 


Rovi innovations help companies bring great products to consumers all over the world. 


We continue to innovate. Each year, Rovi re-invests a significant portion of revenue into ongoing research and development, helping to create the next generation of digital entertainment solutions. 

The value and importance of Rovi’s intellectual property have been recognized by leading, global companies, including service providers, consumer electronics manufacturers, TV software and applications developers, OTT providers and other digital entertainment companies. 


Rovi licenses a diverse array of valuable intellectual property from a deep and growing patent portfolio. 


From our Emmy-award-winning work in entertainment guidance to our more recent focus on enabling content discovery, search, recommendations and monetization in the cloud and across devices, Rovi provides a comprehensive collection of innovative technologies to the world’s leading brands.